boxedup Mac Dashboard Widget

We have released a new Mac Dashboard widget this week with which you can see constantly refreshed information from boxedup’s lists and activity feeds. We are using ours at the moment to follow our “Friends Activity” which shows us anything added or moved from any of our friends accounts – perfect at this time of year! If you don’t have a Mac you can use the available feeds in any RSS reader – more on that here.

To install, just download the widget (click the image below) and it will automatically add to your dashboard (if it doesn’t install automatically save the file to your computer then click the downloaded file)

To use the widget follow these steps

1. Click the ‘i’ button on the bottom right to get to the back panel
2. Add the username of the user you want to follow (this is the name at the end of their URL, without any spaces)
3. Choose which list or activity feed you want to display with the drop down
4. If you want to see another list the user has created (not on the drop down), select “Other List” on the drop down and add the list name in the box below (this is the name at the end of the list URL, without any spaces)
5. Click “Done” and you will return to the front panel which will show your automatically updating feed

We hope you enjoy using our site after the latest round of developments, we’d like to thank Aimee Daniells, who has been helping develop all the great new features we have added in recent months – many thanks!

More Updates – RSS Feeds And Tags

We hope you’ve been using all the new features on the site, we have been busy rearranging our lists as it’s now so easy to do! Our latest updates bring you some really useful tools, so here goes!

RSS Feeds

You can now get RSS feed for every public list and also activity streams.

  • Watch your friends lists and see updates of what they add
  • Watch your network activity to see updates of everything all your friends add
  • Watch your own lists so you can access them easily

This means you can get constantly refreshed updates anywhere there is an RSS reader – on your iPhone, on your Google homepage, on your Mac dashboard!

Boxedup RSS Feed

If you are new to RSS feeds they are really simple – just a URL that you add into an RSS reader.  To get the RSS feed URL just click the RSS icon next to each list / activity stream or the RSS icon in your browser address window – simple! Your RSS feeds willl keep updating frequently to make sure you can see any recent changes from boxedup.

RSS readers can be found for free or very cheaply all over the web, or you can use our Mac Dashboard Widget to which will allow you to access all your RSS feeds easily.

List Tags

Did you know that you can add tags to each of your products so that you, or anyone visiting your list can filter the list with those tags?

  • Just want to see everything tagged with DVD’s or Music?
  • Just want to see Clothes or Shoes?

To add tags you can edit each product and add as many tags as you want. Once you’ve added some tags, they appear on the right hand side, and just click one to add the filter! (click remove to go back to normal view)





Lastly we’ve updated the homepage  so you can see the last few posts from our blog, which will keep you up to date with any changes we make – in fact you might be reading this now on our homepage. Happy Shopping!


Better Lists – View More And Organise Easily!

We are very happy to have launched some more improvements to your lists, helping you organise them even more easily.

Drag + Drop reordering

  • If you look at your lists now, you can change the order really easily by just grabbing each item (there is a button in the bottom right of each list item) and dragging it up and down to reorder.


Drag + Drop Reordering


  • If you can’t drag your list items – please make sure you have javascript turned on in your browser.


View more items per page

  • At the top of your list are new buttons allowing you to show 10, 20 or 50 items per page.
  • You can use this with the reordering function above to reorder your whole list and make sure the things you want the most are right at the top.


View More


New boxedup Developments And Improvements

We’ve been updating the site this past week and wanted to let you know about the changes. We’ve got more updates planned this week, helping you use your lists more easily, so we will let you know as soon as they have gone live.


  • We’ve improved the bookmark so it is better at getting your product data from websites. It also grabs multiple images so you can choose the best one for your product.
  • Click on the image itself, or on the arrows underneath to select your image.

Bookmark Image Selection

  • There are so many websites out there that there will always be some that are really difficult to extract, but we’ve seen a big improvement since last week.

I Want / I Have buttons

  • Clicking any of the ‘I Want’ or  ‘I Have’ buttons will add the item to your Want or Have list, but you will stay on your current page on boxedup.
  • The link will update with a tick to show you it has been added.

I Want + I Own Buttons

List Items

We’ve also improved some list functions to help you use your lists more easily,

  • Delete            – Your item is removed more quickly without reloading the page.
  • Move Item    – When you move an item, you stay on the same page and the page doesn’t reload, making it quicker to move things around.
  • Make #1        – Moves your item to the top of your list, but doesn’t reload the page.

List Item Functions

We have also cleaned up a couple of the other functions at the top so they are laid out better. Why not try moving some items around to try out these new functions!

We will be improving your lists more over the next few days – happy shopping!

Edit Your Products And Add Missing Images

When you add a product to boxedup, the bookmark grabs all the product information (title, description, price and image). You can always edit that information so it’s more relevant to you or give more information to anyone who might buy it for you – but what happens when there is no image?

Some websites are more difficult than others to grab images from – so if you have added a product and it has no image, follow these quick steps to get one added back in.

  • Add the product like normal – we will edit it afterwards to add in the image
  • Find the product in your list and click the ‘edit’ link underneath.



  • You can edit the title, description, price, currency and tags here as well as the image.
  • Save the product image to your computer (right click and save in document or desktop, you can delete it immediately afterwards)
  • Next to item image. click ‘browse’ to view your computer, choose the image then click open.



  • Now your product has an image attached and you can delete the file from your computer.


How Do You Use Your boxedup Lists?

We asked a few users for more info about how they use their accounts, because one thing we’ve learned is that every user is different. People use their lists in different ways, some for presents, but others for organising or helping shopping. Here are the best ways we’ve heard of people using their boxedup lists.

  • Birthday lists
    “It’s the easiest way for my family to see what I want each year. I just keep adding things to my birthday list throughout the year, and my folks don’t even need ask what I want anymore.”
  • Wedding List
    “We didn’t want everything from a single store, and some stuff was quite weird so we made our own list. Everyone could reserve the things they were going to get and we got lots of nice presents.”
  • Shopping Research List
    “I bought a TV recently – I ended up looking at loads of models. I made a new list with all the different TV’s so I could see them all together and choose more easily.”
  • I Have Lists
    “I’ve made lists of all the stuff I’ve got. Hopefully my family will look through them and buy something decent for a change!”
  • Hidden Lists
    “When I see good presents for my family I add them to a private list only I can see. If I’m ever stuck at birthdays I know I always have some good ideas.”

So if you haven’t thought about using your lists like those above – now you know!

Recent Fixes, Functions And Known Bugs

Since the launch of the new site a number of bugs have been reported and also some suggestions received. Below is a list of fixes and functions that have been added to the site along with a few known bugs which may affect your account, we are aware of these and will be working to resolve them.

Fixes & Functions

  • Currencies
    • Missing currency on some items were causing problems for some users which meant that they couldn’t edit or move list items. This is now fixed, items can be edited and the full range of currencies is available when you add any new products.


  • Reordering Lists
    • You can now reorder your lists by price, recent or alphabetically to help you find your product more easily.

  • Alphabetised lists on profile page
    • For those of you who have a lot of lists, these are now in alphabetical order on your profile page (after your 2 default lists Things I Want + Things I have)
  • Move / edit / delete list item
    • Some migrated products without a price or currency were cause errors while moving / editing / deleting. This is now fixed and all items should be able to be deleted / moved etc.
  • Birthday emails
    • Some users have not been receiving birthday reminders (10 days before a users birthday). A small bug was fixed, however, please make sure that you have birthday emails option ticked in your account settings.

Known Bugs

  • Move Up / Down not showing for some products
    • Very few instances of list items not showing the correct ‘move up’ and ‘move down’ links
  • Time out page / “There has been a problem”
    • If you see the ‘There has been a problem’ error page, this may well be due to a system timeout. Please try the link again, in most cases this will work.
  • Widget, RSS & Facebook apps
    • These are currently unavailable





Reserving Products For Friends In boxedup

Did you know that if you plan to buy (or have bought) something for a friend on boxedup, you can ‘reserve’ it, so that other users can see and don’t end up buying the same gift?

Reserving Products

In order to reserve an item, you must be logged in and also be friends with the other person.

  • Under each item in your friend’s lists is a reserve button, unless somebody else has already reserved it.
  • By clicking this you will have reserved the item and a ‘reserve’ icon will appear next to the list item.
  • All other users (logged in or not) will be able to see this. The user themselves might be able to see this depending on their User Settings (see section below)

Reserve Button

Once You’ve Given The Gift

Once you have reserved a gift, it will appear on your account reservations page where you can manage your reserved items on your account page.

  • If you need to unreserve the item, click ‘unreserve’ beneath the item.
  • Once you have given the item to your friend you can click the “I have given this to xxxxxx” button.
  • Your friend will receive an email letting them know that you have given them the item and the email contains a link which moves the item from their ‘want lists’ to their ‘have list’, keeping their account up to date.

Reservations Page

User Settings

Once someone has reserved an item for a friend, all visitors to the page will be able to see that it has been reserved (whether they are logged in or not). The only exception to this is the user who owns the list. In your settings page, each user can choose whether they would like to see what has been reserved for them or whether reserved icons should remain hidden.

  • Go to your Settings page and select the “I like Suprises! Don’t show me when something’s been reserved for me” button.
  • Tick the box if you don’t want to see what has been reserved for you.
  • Untick the box if you want to know!

Changing Your Setting in boxedup

With the launch of the new look website we’re planning to run you through some of the features you can use on the site. The first we’d like to tackle is how to change your user settings / permissions.

Visit and enter your accounts email address and password.

Once you are logged in click on settings in the top right hand corner.

From here you can confirm which services you require by ticking the relevant box :

  • Send birthday reminder – get an email when a boxedup friends birthday is coming up
  • Message about reservations – receive an email when someone has reserved one of your list items
  • Newsletters and site updates – check to receive service announcements and general boxedup updates.
  • Surprises – Here you can choose whether a reservation is displayed on your list or not.

On this page you can also add your full name, select your location, add your date of birth (so friends know when to buy you a gift!) and change your password.

boxedup beta user settings