More Updates – RSS Feeds And Tags

We hope you’ve been using all the new features on the site, we have been busy rearranging our lists as it’s now so easy to do! Our latest updates bring you some really useful tools, so here goes!

RSS Feeds

You can now get RSS feed for every public list and also activity streams.

  • Watch your friends lists and see updates of what they add
  • Watch your network activity to see updates of everything all your friends add
  • Watch your own lists so you can access them easily

This means you can get constantly refreshed updates anywhere there is an RSS reader – on your iPhone, on your Google homepage, on your Mac dashboard!

Boxedup RSS Feed

If you are new to RSS feeds they are really simple – just a URL that you add into an RSS reader.  To get the RSS feed URL just click the RSS icon next to each list / activity stream or the RSS icon in your browser address window – simple! Your RSS feeds willl keep updating frequently to make sure you can see any recent changes from boxedup.

RSS readers can be found for free or very cheaply all over the web, or you can use our Mac Dashboard Widget to which will allow you to access all your RSS feeds easily.

List Tags

Did you know that you can add tags to each of your products so that you, or anyone visiting your list can filter the list with those tags?

  • Just want to see everything tagged with DVD’s or Music?
  • Just want to see Clothes or Shoes?

To add tags you can edit each product and add as many tags as you want. Once you’ve added some tags, they appear on the right hand side, and just click one to add the filter! (click remove to go back to normal view)





Lastly we’ve updated the homepage  so you can see the last few posts from our blog, which will keep you up to date with any changes we make – in fact you might be reading this now on our homepage. Happy Shopping!



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