boxedup Mac Dashboard Widget

We have released a new Mac Dashboard widget this week with which you can see constantly refreshed information from boxedup’s lists and activity feeds. We are using ours at the moment to follow our “Friends Activity” which shows us anything added or moved from any of our friends accounts – perfect at this time of year! If you don’t have a Mac you can use the available feeds in any RSS reader – more on that here.

To install, just download the widget (click the image below) and it will automatically add to your dashboard (if it doesn’t install automatically save the file to your computer then click the downloaded file)

To use the widget follow these steps

1. Click the ‘i’ button on the bottom right to get to the back panel
2. Add the username of the user you want to follow (this is the name at the end of their URL, without any spaces)
3. Choose which list or activity feed you want to display with the drop down
4. If you want to see another list the user has created (not on the drop down), select “Other List” on the drop down and add the list name in the box below (this is the name at the end of the list URL, without any spaces)
5. Click “Done” and you will return to the front panel which will show your automatically updating feed

We hope you enjoy using our site after the latest round of developments, we’d like to thank Aimee Daniells, who has been helping develop all the great new features we have added in recent months – many thanks!


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