Boxedup Beta Goes Live

The new beta boxedup site is now available for everyone to use. For the next two weeks the existing and beta sites will run in tandem. In that time only data added to the beta site will be kept but you are free to use either. Once this period is over we will fully switch to the beta site.

Using the new boxedup beta site

  • sign into the new site using your current logins at
  • get the new Add to boxedup bookmark – this is to replace all old bookmarklets and browser buttons. These can now be removed from your browser.

The beta site is by it’s nature a work in progress so we will be adding to it in the coming weeks and months. We would of course love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment below, via Facebook or Twitter.

Boxedup – come shopping.


  1. On June 17, 2011, Admin said:

    Hi Arnoud,

    Thanks for your comments, they are really important to us.

    The social side of boxedup has always been an element of the service as well as being a utility and you're right in so far that the idea behind the new designs was to bring the social side to the fore a little more.

    We are however always open to feedback and will always take on board our users comments.

    We're currently looking at ways of striking more of a balance on the visual side of things. So thanks again for all the feedback – we are listening!


  2. On June 17, 2011, Arnoud said:

    Thanks for the response. Good to see you value your users!

    I do hope your decisions were user centered and you have verified satisfaction and task completion times with your key user groups (benchmarked against the old site). All should be fine then, I'm just not part of your key user groups anymore πŸ™‚

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