Recent Fixes, Functions And Known Bugs

Since the launch of the new site a number of bugs have been reported and also some suggestions received. Below is a list of fixes and functions that have been added to the site along with a few known bugs which may affect your account, we are aware of these and will be working to resolve them.

Fixes & Functions

  • Currencies
    • Missing currency on some items were causing problems for some users which meant that they couldn’t edit or move list items. This is now fixed, items can be edited and the full range of currencies is available when you add any new products.


  • Reordering Lists
    • You can now reorder your lists by price, recent or alphabetically to help you find your product more easily.

  • Alphabetised lists on profile page
    • For those of you who have a lot of lists, these are now in alphabetical order on your profile page (after your 2 default lists Things I Want + Things I have)
  • Move / edit / delete list item
    • Some migrated products without a price or currency were cause errors while moving / editing / deleting. This is now fixed and all items should be able to be deleted / moved etc.
  • Birthday emails
    • Some users have not been receiving birthday reminders (10 days before a users birthday). A small bug was fixed, however, please make sure that you have birthday emails option ticked in your account settings.

Known Bugs

  • Move Up / Down not showing for some products
    • Very few instances of list items not showing the correct ‘move up’ and ‘move down’ links
  • Time out page / “There has been a problem”
    • If you see the ‘There has been a problem’ error page, this may well be due to a system timeout. Please try the link again, in most cases this will work.
  • Widget, RSS & Facebook apps
    • These are currently unavailable






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