Edit Your Products And Add Missing Images

When you add a product to boxedup, the bookmark grabs all the product information (title, description, price and image). You can always edit that information so it’s more relevant to you or give more information to anyone who might buy it for you – but what happens when there is no image?

Some websites are more difficult than others to grab images from – so if you have added a product and it has no image, follow these quick steps to get one added back in.

  • Add the product like normal – we will edit it afterwards to add in the image
  • Find the product in your list and click the ‘edit’ link underneath.



  • You can edit the title, description, price, currency and tags here as well as the image.
  • Save the product image to your computer (right click and save in document or desktop, you can delete it immediately afterwards)
  • Next to item image. click ‘browse’ to view your computer, choose the image then click open.



  • Now your product has an image attached and you can delete the file from your computer.