Reserving Products For Friends In boxedup

Did you know that if you plan to buy (or have bought) something for a friend on boxedup, you can ‘reserve’ it, so that other users can see and don’t end up buying the same gift?

Reserving Products

In order to reserve an item, you must be logged in and also be friends with the other person.

  • Under each item in your friend’s lists is a reserve button, unless somebody else has already reserved it.
  • By clicking this you will have reserved the item and a ‘reserve’ icon will appear next to the list item.
  • All other users (logged in or not) will be able to see this. The user themselves might be able to see this depending on their User Settings (see section below)

Reserve Button

Once You’ve Given The Gift

Once you have reserved a gift, it will appear on your account reservations page where you can manage your reserved items on your account page.

  • If you need to unreserve the item, click ‘unreserve’ beneath the item.
  • Once you have given the item to your friend you can click the “I have given this to xxxxxx” button.
  • Your friend will receive an email letting them know that you have given them the item and the email contains a link which moves the item from their ‘want lists’ to their ‘have list’, keeping their account up to date.

Reservations Page

User Settings

Once someone has reserved an item for a friend, all visitors to the page will be able to see that it has been reserved (whether they are logged in or not). The only exception to this is the user who owns the list. In your settings page, each user can choose whether they would like to see what has been reserved for them or whether reserved icons should remain hidden.

  • Go to your Settings page and select the “I like Suprises! Don’t show me when something’s been reserved for me” button.
  • Tick the box if you don’t want to see what has been reserved for you.
  • Untick the box if you want to know!