SIte Relaunch Live!

We hope you like the new site which is now fully live. We have redesigned both the front and back end of the site which means we will be able to roll out improvements on a more regular basis.

Please update your bookmarks

  • You can log into the site with your existing details
  • you will need to delete the old bookmark in your browser and add the new one so you can add products!
  • Donwload new bookmark here

The bookmark is how you add products to your lists. You will need to add the new bookmark to your browser so you can add products to your lists. Go here to do that now.

Problems with your account?

If you can’t access your account please contact us on The data on the new site was migrated a couple of weeks ago and as a result new items added to the old site rather than new may not be in your account.

Site Relaunch

The site relaunch will go live tomorrow  (Thursday 30th June). We will add a blog post here introducing the main changes on the site to help you get started.

If you can’t access your account please contact us on The data on the new site was migrated a couple of weeks ago and as a result new items added to the old site rather than new may not be in your account.

Changing Your Setting in boxedup

With the launch of the new look website we’re planning to run you through some of the features you can use on the site. The first we’d like to tackle is how to change your user settings / permissions.

Visit and enter your accounts email address and password.

Once you are logged in click on settings in the top right hand corner.

From here you can confirm which services you require by ticking the relevant box :

  • Send birthday reminder – get an email when a boxedup friends birthday is coming up
  • Message about reservations – receive an email when someone has reserved one of your list items
  • Newsletters and site updates – check to receive service announcements and general boxedup updates.
  • Surprises – Here you can choose whether a reservation is displayed on your list or not.

On this page you can also add your full name, select your location, add your date of birth (so friends know when to buy you a gift!) and change your password.

boxedup beta user settings

Boxedup Beta Goes Live

The new beta boxedup site is now available for everyone to use. For the next two weeks the existing and beta sites will run in tandem. In that time only data added to the beta site will be kept but you are free to use either. Once this period is over we will fully switch to the beta site.

Using the new boxedup beta site

  • sign into the new site using your current logins at
  • get the new Add to boxedup bookmark – this is to replace all old bookmarklets and browser buttons. These can now be removed from your browser.

The beta site is by it’s nature a work in progress so we will be adding to it in the coming weeks and months. We would of course love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment below, via Facebook or Twitter.

Boxedup – come shopping.

Boxedup Beta in Action

With the boxedup beta being launched next week you will have access to the brand spanking new site. Check out some little tasters of what you can expect below to wet you appetite.

Completely new boxedup design and features

Improved Product Price Comparison

As part of the redevelopment we have managed to match a lot more user added products so you can see where else you can buy products from. As the beta site gets used more we’ll have access to a much better pool of data so by adding products you will be helping other users – come shopping with boxedup!

Boxedup Price Comparison

Improved Site Search

One of the main areas of the complete site overhaul was to make products, users and stores more accessible. The improved search functionality is available on every page and means you are never more than a click away from finding what you need.

Improved site search

So there’s a little taster of what you can expect from the new site. We’re sorry for any inconvenience the database lock may cause but we’re confident that you are going to love the new beta site when you get your hands on it next week.

Boxedup Relaunch in Beta State

Well it’s taken a bit longer than anticipated, but as they say ‘good things come to those who wait’. We will be launching our new site very soon, with the beta site being rolled out over the next few weeks.

Please Note – Current Site Usage

We have to move (literally) millions of products, lists and users to the new system and sadly we will need to ‘lock’ the databases during this migration.

What this means is that anything you add to your lists from today will not appear on the new site. Next week we will release the beta site to you all, and you can start to use the new site to update your lists! (the old site will still be available for a short time just in case).

Once you get access to the site next week the first thing you will notice is the totally new design. This provides a nice new interface for the really clever stuff which come from a complete rebuild from the ground up. This means we can update the site more often and more easily so over the coming months there are a number of improvements planned.

Our objective stays the same though – we want to give you the best service for keeping track of the things that you want to get, whether you’ve found those things on boxedup or on any store on the web. Now that we’ve got past a lot of the hard work getting the new site prepared, we have more time to keep in touch, so expect to see more of us here on our blog and on twitter too.

We’ll publish blog posts with hints a tips on using the new site, but we hope you will all find it easy to use. Some new features you’ll notice are the improved searching functions, price comparisons and of course (after being the top voted request on our feedback!) a print list function 🙂

We really do want to hear from you, whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly! If you like good, old fashioned, email then get in touch using support at or through the boxedup twitter account, so if you’re a twitter enthusiast then give us a follow to keep up-to-date with developments, or just @ us if you want to let us know anything.