boxedup February update (new add-form beta, Facebook app, iGoogle gadget, the mission……)

The year’s racing by already and since we’ve been busy we thought it was time to say hello and give you an update:

  • we’ve been working on improving HOW YOU ADD PRODUCTS to your lists (so a small window opens on the page, making it easier to grab info you need); so if you’re up for trying new things then go to; it’s still ‘beta’ right now (in a good state, but not perfect yet), so if you come across any issues please let us know!

    boxedup beta product add form

  • we’ve been working on our FACEBOOK APP, which we had some issues with; this is all fixed (sorry it took some time to get done), so if you’re a Facebooker you can add the app and connect your account here; if you’ve already added the app then you’ll probably need to reconnect your account when you next visit (it’s quick and easy!); you can add the boxedup app to your profile using the button on the main list view page
  • we’ve also now got an IGOOGLE GADGET for the iGoogle fans, so you can keep track of your lists and what your boxedup friends are up to from your iGoogle page – add it from here 

         boxedup igoogle gadget

And our mission to help you organize your online shopping, and get the most out of the experience, continues. So that includes:

  • HELPING YOU FIND OTHER PLACES TO BUY THE PRODUCTS YOU’VE ADDED to your list (based on where other boxedupers have found the product, and also stores we’ve found it at); click the product name link or the ‘Check prices & talk’ link on your list to go to the product page, and if we know of other places it’s available it’ll be shown in the "Shops found at" section (we’re working on improving our coverage, so this is work in progress)
  • HELPING YOU SHARE YOUR REVIEWS AND RECOMMENDATIONS on products you’ve got with your boxedup friends and the rest of the community using our ‘talk’ section on the product page (you’ll find a new ‘Review this’ link on your ‘Things I have’ list); and we’ll be making it easy to share your reviews and recommendations with your Facebook and Twitter friends, if that’s your thing!

We’ve got plenty planned for the year ahead, helping you find the best prices and offers available, and letting you share your experiences with products (and with shops you use), as well as continuing to improve the process of giving and receiving things (avoiding waste and unwanted stuff in the process). So keep your comments and feedback coming (just use the feedback tab over on the left of the boxedup site)!

Thanks for reading!

The boxedup team