What’s hot on boxedup in the Christmas run-in!

As a service that’s all about online shopping and helping people keep track of things they want to get (from any store on the web), we’re always interested in looking at the trends around what’s being added to boxedup lists.

So we were taking a look at what’s hot in the Christmas run-in, based on the thousands of products adding to boxedup lists during that time, and thought we’d share it. So here are the latest movers and shakers, both as a whole and in the gadget category.

1. Cash (it is, afterall, king, and there’s a definite shortage at the moment!)
2. Nintendo Wii
3. iPhone
4. iPod Touch
5. PlayStation3
6. Lego Ice Brick tray
7. MacBook Pro
8. Wii Fit
9. Sun Jar
10. iTunes gift cards

1. Nintendo Wii
2. iPhone
3. iPod Touch
4. PlayStation3
5. MacBook Pro
6. Amazon’s Kindle reader device
7. Nintendo DS Lite
8. Nikon D80
9. Xbox 360
10. Dell Inspiron Mini 9

If you want to re-publish these lists then you’re welcome, but please credit boxedup and link back to the boxedup homepage!

A couple of interesting trends (apart from the obvious Apple obsession!):
* ‘Netbooks‘ have stormed onto the scene this year, cut-down lap-tops that are way cheaper and smaller than regular laptops, and designed mainly for internet-based use. The Dell Inspiron Mini is a top 10 gadget item, but there are plenty of others in the same category that are on boxedup lists, such as the Acer Aspire One and the Asus EEE. We’re expecting that a lot of these will be opened on Christmas day, since they’re great value for money and really reflect what laptops need to be for most people
* Gift cards are again very popular, with the iTunes gift card being in the top 10 overall, and other top gift cards being from Amazon, Sephora, Ikea, Threadless, Victoria’s Secret, Target and Starbucks

And to satisfy our thirst for data on these trends we’ve redesigned the homepage to show ‘Recently popular products’, which shows where the buzz is around products being added to lists by the boxedup community. So if you want to know what’s popular check it out occasionally!

 boxedup.com homepage showing recently popular products and team picks

And for our own vanity we’ve created another area homepage section called ‘Team picks’ which is full of things that have been added to the site that the boxedup team thinks are cool, fun, interesting, or whatever!

So if you haven’t got your own boxedup account yet, then sign up now and get your online shopping organised. And start your Christmas list at the same time! And check out our Christmas listing tips and the boxedup Christmas competition (aka ‘the boxedup Christmas bailout’!).

Seasons greetings from the team at boxedup!

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Just call us Santa! Announcing the boxedup Christmas prize draw (aka ‘the boxedup Christmas bailout’)

So we’re getting all festive and into the Christmas spirit at boxedup!

And in these days of economic turmoil, and financial prudence, we want to do our bit to spread some Christmas cheer!

So we’re running a CHRISTMAS PRIZE DRAW COMPETITION where we’ll BUY the lucky winner USD750/GBP500/EUR600 (or equivalent) of things from their list (yep, you choose – we want it to be things you really need and want). OK, so it’s not quite a bailout, but it’s our contribution!

Just build your list (sign-up if you haven’t got an account already) and get at least three friends to join boxedup and start using the site and adding things to their lists (just send them an email invite, they need to be connected to your account), and you’ll automatically get entered. Closing date is Tuesday 9th December, and we’ll announce the winner shortly after that!


Good luck!

PS Check out this post on tips for using boxedup at Christmas http://blog.boxedup.com/2008/10/29/christmas-2008-with-boxedup-get-listing/.

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Here are the rules and terms & conditions for the boxedup Christmas prize draw competition:

  • you’ll be entered into the boxedup Christmas competition by having a boxedup account and by having three friends connected to your account who have also added items to their own lists; only one entry is allowed per person
  • entrants need to be 18 or over to be entered into the competition (this will be determined from the age information you’re registered with on boxedup); directors & employees (and immediate family), and people from associated companies & agencies, are excluded from being eligible
  • you don’t have to be based in a specific geography to be entered into the competition, although the prize draw will be void where prohibited by local law; and all national and local laws and regulations will apply
  • the competition prize is items to the value of USD750/GBP500/EUR600 from your boxedup list (or equivalent in your local currency based on USD750, with the exchange rate based on the HSBC exchange rate on the date of the competition draw); this will include the cost of postage & packing, and any other related costs
  • the competition closing date is Tuesday 9th December at 23:59
  • the random draw for the prize will be made on Wednesday 10th December and the winner will be notified by email on that day (using the email address that you’re registered with on boxedup.com); you’ll need to respond within 48 hours of receiving the email, and confirm your name, age, address details and which list we should buy items from; if you don’t respond within 48 hours, or if you decline the prize, your entry will be discarded and we’ll re-draw for the prize
  • we won’t buy you anything that’s illegal, offensive, requires licensing or is generally going to cause us problems (that’s entirely at our discretion)
  • we’ll take your list at the time of the competition closing and that will be the basis for what is purchased; if there’s nothing on there then we can’t buy you anything
  • there’s no cash alternative available (so don’t just put ‘cash’ on your list) and the prize is not exchangeable or transferable; and we accept no liability for the items that you’ve selected
  • we’ll order the prizes online (from the store that you added the item from, or from one of the retailers selling the item on the boxedup product page for that item), and will provide your address as the delivery address (if you don’t provide our address we can’t order the items); we can’t guarantee that you’ll receive items prior to Christmas
  • except where prohibited by law, we’ll announce the prize winner, and say where you’re from, in a blog post (on blog.boxedup.com) and in an email to the boxedup userbase
  • to the fullest extent that may be excluded by law boxedup accepts no responsibility for problems in submitting applications (i.e. in joining the site and being eligible to participate in the prize draw based on the required criteria)
  • any attempt by a participant to deliberately disrupt the website and undermine the legitimate operation of the prize draw is a violation of criminal and civil law, and should such an attempt be made boxedup reserves the right to seek damages from any such participant to the fullest extent permitted by law; if the prize draw is compromised, or becomes technically corrupted in any way, boxedup reserves the right to adjust the way in which the prize draw winner is selected
  • if you fail to comply with these terms & conditions it may result in disqualification
  • these terms & conditions are governed and construed in accordance with English law, and any disputes in connection with these terms will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts
  • contact: support@boxedup.com


Latest boxedup site changes

Time for a quick update on recent changes and improvements to boxedup!:

  • the site’s got a fresh new look, mainly down to the redesigned header (top of the page) and related navigation; so when you click through to your account you’ll find a new drop-down based navigation that contains all the options for things you can do
  • there’s also a redesigned product page that includes our new product review and Q&A section, ‘talk’; so if you’ve got something to say about a product that you want to share with the community, or have a question or an answer on a product, then get talking to give, and get, the low-down! (click through to the product page from a product name link on your lists, or from the product search index)
  • we’ve improved the product add process (better grabbing of info from the page), and that’s something we’ll be doing more on to make it really quick to add products to your lists
  • we’ll soon be rolling out some new functionality on the product page to help you find other stores where you can buy the things you want, based on other boxedup’ers finds and places we’ve found them, helping you to save money and find new places to shop
  • so lots going on, and plenty to come; we always like hearing from you and if you’ve got feedback you’ll find a link on the left of the page (‘feedback’) where you can send us a message, make a suggestion and vote on other people’s suggestions

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!

The team at boxedup

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