Christmas 2008 with boxedup: get listing!

Where’s 2008 gone?! Wow, it’s been a bit of a blur.

Christmas is looming large, so now is the time to start getting your thoughts together for when people say “So, what do you want for Christmas?”

And it’s doubly important this year, what with the current economic situation. So to make sure that people buying you things don’t waste their money, and so that you actually get stuff you need and want, just make sure that your boxedup list is in good shape. And get your friends and family onboard so that your money is being equally well spent!

Our mission this year is to eradicate waste and those post-Christmas eBay visits to offload the bloopers that have been received on Christmas Day (no offence eBay folk, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it just makes good sense that people get the stuff that they want in the first place). So instead of a White Christmas, this year we’re aiming for a financially sound, waste-free, Green Christmas!

So here are our boxedup Christmas listing tips:

  • Make sure that your list is up-to-date (and if you’ve got kids create lists for them, and for less online savvy family members too, so they also get given the things that they need and want! You can easily add new lists to your account)
  • Sort your list if there are things on it that are more important than others (click onto the list you want to re-name, then hover over the name and in the drop-down you’ll see an option that says “Re-order this list”)
  • Use the status update to leave a short general comment about your list
  • Add any specific comments on individual items on your list
  • If you want to give your main list a Christmas theme then just re-name it (using the “Edit list name” link in the drop-down); or you can just create a new list (another option in the drop-down: “Create new list”)
  • Make sure the necessary people know about your list! You can invite people to join boxedup using the invite box to the right of your list. Or if for some insane reason they don’t want to join boxedup (!) then email them the list URL for them to take a look (they won’t be able to use the reserve functionality, so they’ll just need to let you know if they’re getting you something from the list, and you can then move it off your main list)
  • Decide if you want to maintain the element of surprise! You’ll find a section in Settings called “Surprises”. Just check that and you won’t see if things on your list are being reserved (when you’re logged-in)
  • And to reserve things for people on their list, just make sure that you’re connected as friends and then click the "Reserve" link that’s under each item

So with that you should be all good to go!

Happy Christmas listing, and thanks for using boxedup!

The boxedup team

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