boxedup site disruption – Sunday July 20th

Just a quick note on the disruption that’s happening to boxedup at the moment (as far as being able to add products with images to lists is concerned, and also impacting product images on the site generally).

It’s being caused by the outage that Amazon Web Services is currently experiencing (specifically their S3 service), which started approximately 5.5 hours ago (you can see the status of S3 and Amazon’s other web services here

boxedup uses S3 to host all our product images, and part of this involves sending the images to S3 when a product is added by a user to their list. Unfortunately this means that when S3 is down it currently prevents products from being added to lists (i.e. we created a dependency on them).

We’re currently working to remove that dependency, so that we aren’t reliant on S3 being available in order for products to be added to lists (so if S3 is down then we’ll just terminate that part of the process and carry on to add the product to your list, with all the other information other than the image).

The only other impact on the site is that all product images are currently appearing broken (these images will be restored when S3 becomes available again). But the site is operating fine in all other respects.

We’re sorry for the disruption to boxedup, and we’re doing everything necessary to ensure that if S3 does go down again that it can’t impact the core boxedup site.