boxedup isn’t just for Christmas! (it’s your year-round shopping & sharing companion)

So the seasonal festivities are now a distant memory, and we’re all well and truly immersed in 2008! We hope that made life a bit easier at Christmas, and thanks to everybody who told us their stories about how it worked for them.

But boxedup isn’t just for Christmas! We’re here for you year-round providing a tool to bring together your online shopping activity, helping you to keep track of what you want, like the look of or are thinking about getting, from any site or store on the web. On top of that we make it easy to share your lists, whether that’s about sharing finds with friends and letting them know what you’re into (on boxedup or on your social network, blog, etc) or making sure that when somebody wants to give you something that you actually get something you want. And we’ll be working on making it easy to find, follow and interact with other boxedup members who are into the same stuff as you, so you can benefit from each other’s finds. And plenty of other things that’ll make boxedup more and more useful to you!

And in the spirit of welcoming in the new year we decided to freshen the site up, so you’ll find a new colour scheme, a bit of homepage make-over, various design tweaks to existing pages, and we’ve introduced a brand new type of page – the product hub page! The product hub page is all about bringing together information from across the site and the community of users in relation to specific products, i.e. who’s added it recently, who’s got it, what else people who want or have that thing have on their lists, etc (if your lists are private or friends only, then if you’ve added a product then you won’t appear). It’s all part of the effort to make connections, both in terms of people who are into similar things as well as in relation to other products and things that might be of interest. So when you click on a product link you’ll be taken to the hub-page, but there’s also a direct link (the arrow icon after the link) to take you off to the external web page if that’s where you want to go.

And if you missed it at the end of last year, we’ve now got the ability to prioritise and sort lists using some cool drag and drop functionality. We’ve also been working on improving the basics such as image grabbing, and we’ve got some good improvements there (as well as the ability to manually add images if we can’t grab them automatically, both by uploading files and based on the URL of the image). And as well as wanting to make boxedup a good social experience, we know that people need to be comfortable with the privacy settings, and we’ll be looking to add to the existing privacy options to give you more control over your account.

So that’s it for now. Here’s to a fulfilling and prosperous year all round, and keep on using! And keep sending that feedback through!

The boxedup team

PS With the 14th Feb looming large, make sure that your loved one doesn’t have to shoot in the dark this year as far as getting you something that your heart desires! Get that list updated, and make sure that they know about it (leave the pc on, open on that page, or something like that; or just make sure that they’re connected as a boxedup friend and can see what you’ve added)!!