Bringing order to your boxedup lists! (and a few other things to make life easier)

This one’s been too long in coming (and has probably been the most requested feature – thanks for all the feedback!), but better late than never!

So after a fair bit of deliberating about the best way to do ordering/sorting/prioritising of the things on your lists, we’ve settled on drag & drop so that you can just put things in priority order.

So when you’re on the list that you want to shuffle the order of you’ll see a new link in the ‘Things to do’ box (which is to the right of the list, at the top) called ‘Re-order this list’. So just click on that and the re-order page will open up (see screenshot below). Then all you need to do is left-click on ‘drag’ next to the item that you want to move, and then just drag it to the position that you want it to be in on the list.

Here’s what the re-order page looks like, and the link to open this page has the red arrow pointing at it: re-order page screenshot

So drag and drop away, and get those lists in order!

We’ve also added a few other links to the ‘Things to do’ box to make various things easier and more obvious. These include links to edit the list name and to create a new list. And we’ve added a link to this blog so that you can easily check on what’s new at any time when you come to the site.

We’re always working to improve the site, so if you have any thoughts or comments just drop us a message through the message box on the help & info form, or through the messaging system on the site (we’re at the top of your address list!).

That’s all for now!

boxedup seasonal tips – helping to ensure you get all the things you really want!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and all that jazz! So we thought that we’d better give a few last-minute tips about how to get the most out of during this festive period.

A lot of those carefully compiled boxedup lists of the things that you want to get, from anywhere on the web, are now swinging into action as gift lists, and we hope you get all the things that you’ve been yearning for! So if you need to let people know about the existence of your list then make sure that you send them a boxedup friend invite, and they can then go through it and reserve the thing that they want to get you (we don’t want you getting two of those things that you’ve always wanted, and only your friends can reserve things on your lists!).

And if you’ve been slacking a bit with your boxedup lists then freshen them up and share them out to avoid disappointment. It’s not too late – last minute shopping is a habit of many, and they’ll only thank you if you can lay out on a plate what it is that you’d love to get (and they won’t waste any money on getting you something that will find its way straight into a cupboard or onto ebay!).

Now, we know that the whole element of surprise is really important to a lot of people, and if you’re one of them we’ve recently built a feature into the boxedup lists that you’ll like. In Settings (the link is at the top of the page on the right, when you’re logged in), you’ll find a section called ‘Surprises’ – just check that box and then when somebody reserves something on your list you won’t see the ‘reserved’ message appear (but people visiting your lists will be able to see what has and hasn’t been reserved). OK, so it won’t be a total surprise, but it maintains some of the suspense!

So we hope you have a great festive season, and that you get all those things you really want!

And it just remains to say thanks for using boxedup – we hope you’ve been enjoying it! We’re always working hard to make it better, so if you have any feedback then we’d love to hear it. Please either send it through the help & info form or by emailing us at

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