It’s been heads-down at boxedup!

OK. We know we’ve neglected the blog since boxedup launched (sorry), but it’s been for good reasons, we promise!

We’ve been working continuously on enhancing existing functionality and adding new useful features and tools. So here’s a quick summary.

When you click through to your account you’ll see that you’ve now got a new homepage so you can easily see who’s finding and adding what in your network, and there’s a refined profile page so that people visiting your boxedup account can get a quick view of what you’re into. There’s a new messaging system so you can easily send messages to your boxedup friends when you’re on the site (and want to talk product stuff). And you can also now leave your funny or helpful comments on your friends lists. Lists now have three settings as far as privacy levels are concerned: public, friends only, fully private; so you control who sees what. And there’s also a new tool that allows you to easily send out boxedup invites by pulling in contacts directly from your address book.

We’ve extended the shops functionality to the user level, so on your pages you’ll see a shops tab which shows all the shops that you have things from on your lists. We’ll be working to build this out further; ultimately we want it to be a place where you can keep track of all your favourite stores and sites, be able to see when good stuff from those sites has been added to boxedup by others, and to be able to see who else is enjoying using the same sites and stores as you.

And we’ve been working to make it easy to embed your boxedup lists into the places that you use and love most on the web, whether that’s your blog, your social network profile or somewhere else. So we’ve now got  a boxedup Facebook app (see pic below) and a new set of Flash widgets to plug into your blog or MySpace profile, or any other open social network or site that accepts Flash (see the skinny version over on the left and the fat version below). There are a load of announcements in the pipeline about other social networks opening up and following the Facebook lead, so as that happens we’ll be looking at what the best way is to integrate boxedup into these platforms.

             boxedup facebook app (profile view) - click to install the app      boxedup flash widget (front view) - click to create a widget

boxedup Facebook app (profile view)      boxedup Flash widget

So whether you’re using boxedup as your online shopping list, to help you keep tabs on stuff as you’re window shopping on the web, to track stuff you want to get for others, as your gift/wish list, or to just share cool things that you’ve found with friends, we hope you like the latest changes!

There’s plenty more to come, including a new form for adding products to your list which will have new standard options to allow you to grab images when we haven’t been able to grab them automatically (and we’ll be working on the automatic image grab too) – we know it’s annoying when you can’t get the image that you want.

We’ve been getting a great flow of feedback from lots of people, and it’s really appreciated. So if you’ve got any thoughts or comments about the site, or if you just want to get in touch, then please do! You can use the feedback form on the help and info page or you can email us on feedback [at] boxedup dot com.

And we’ll definitely be making more frequent posts about developments and changes as we make them!

So thanks for using the site. And if this is your first time coming to boxedup please sign-up!