More on And the story of the cryptic creative!

Leading up to the launch of boxedup we wanted to make sure that as people found about what we were doing they could register their interest to find out more and be told when we were live. So we created a splash page that sat on the URL where people could leave us their contact details.

We also managed to get some promo through the new blognation site (definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in developments in the internet startup space), and we used a mysterious looking bit of creative to get people curious.

"boxedup - really intriguing advertising"Well, it all seemed to work, and we got a good number of people registering to find out more. We were also excited to get a nice bit of comment on the creative itself on Fred Destin’s blog (of Atlas Ventures). Thanks Fred!

So once the initial launch-related frenzy was over we let everybody who’d left their details know, and we sent them an email giving them a bit of a heads-up on what boxedup is all about (and encouraging them to sign-up, of course!).

As we’ve been getting quite a few people asking for a bit more boxedup background info, and since we haven’t got round to an ‘about’ page on the site yet, we thought we’d post the email here.

So here it is!


Thanks for registering to find out more about – the lights are now on, and we’re ready to rock and roll!

So what is then?

Well, it’s essentially a place where you can keep track of all the things that you want to get. It can be anything from anywhere (any website or online store), whether you’re into music, books, gadgets, clothes, tin robots (!) or anything else!

It’s something you can just use yourself or that you can share with other people. We think its fun and interesting to share the experience, so we’re making it easy to keep track of what your friends are finding and adding. We’ll also be building out groups, so that you can find people who are into the same stuff as you, and they can do the leg work in finding cool and
interesting things!


Well, we got bored of:

  • finding great stuff that we wanted to get and then losing track of these things in a sea of bookmarks, desktop links and scrawled notes
  • having lists scattered all over the place at different sites/stores
  • using a generic social bookmarking tool which meant that all the stuff that we wanted was jumbled up with all our other bookmarks
  • being bought stuff that we really didn’t want to (and boxedup should help to put an end to that experience!)
  • not having an easy way to get ideas and inspiration about things to get, and also not having a place to chat about the stuff that we wanted, and were into, with our friends and people with the same interests
  • generally not having a useful tool to keep track of what we wanted and where we found it

So we wanted to transform the way in which people track what it is that they want to get, as well as the things that they like the look of and think are cool. And we wanted to turn it into a fun and social experience. We wanted to create something that hooked tightly into the way that you use the web, allowing you to easily add things to your lists as you’re searching, surfing and shopping. And we also wanted to make it easy to share what you’ve found with your immediate community and with other
people who are into the same stuff as you. Enter! We want boxedup to be the hub for all your activity relating to things that you want.

What’s next?

For us, we’ve got lots more to do and loads of ideas about how to make the site even more useful and fun. And it’s not just about the site. Like a lot of people these days, we’re big social networking fans, so we’re going to make it possible to integrate boxedup into your social network using our widgets. And we’ll be looking to integrate into other environments where our users spend their time.

For you, we hope that we’ve caught your interest and that you’ll sign up! You can do that by joining here. We’d love to welcome you on board.

And if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions about the boxedup site, or want to get in contact with us or find out more, then drop us an email!

Thanks for your interest.

Chris & Jeremy – co-founders