All change!!

You’re probably wondering what’s going on if you’ve gone online expecting to visit the gifttagging site. Well, it’s evolved, and its now!

Gifttagging was launched last year as a bit of an experiment, and the good news is that it’s been a successful one. It showed us that people want a tool to help them track the things that they want to get, and to be able to share this with other people. What we also realised is that it goes way beyond being about gifts – it’s about shopping, it’s about adding all those things that you like the look of to your list as you come across them, and it’s about using it as a tool for yourself as well as being about being able to share it with other people. And it can also be about being part of the community and seeing what others are adding and are interested in.

The boxedup site takes the concept to the next level, and is a faster and functionally better site. We’ll be making regular improvements and upgrades to the boxedup site to provide you with something that does all the things that you want to be able to do. As part of that we’d love to hear from you if you’ve got a comment, idea or suggestion. Just send us an email at feedback [at] boxedup [dot] com, or use the comment form that we’ve now got on our help page.

If you’re an existing user you’ll find all of your lists as they were. The name of the default list is now ‘Things I want’, and, as before, if you want to create new lists for specific types of things then you can do that.

So here are some of the other key changes:

  • We’ve turned it into a more social experience – you’ll find an automatically generated mini profile when you click through to your lists; and further down the same page you’ll see a couple of streams of activity showing all the things that you’ve done recently, and showing what the people in your network have done recently
  • As well as being able to search for things that other people have added to their lists by individual item, we’ve added a shop search facility to help you find sites and shops that have got the types of things that you’re interested in; this is something that we’ll be looking to build out further (and is currently work in progress), including giving you the ability to build out your own directory of the shops and sites that you like to use, so that they’re easy to find time and again from your boxedup account

And a couple of things to note:

  • You no longer need to remember your username when logging in, just use your email address and password
  • Update the toolbar buttons that you have – just go to one of your lists and you’ll see a box called ‘Things to do’ and in that there’ll be a link through to the right buttons for you based on the browser you’re using

And we’ve been getting the obligatory questions about when there will be a Facebook application! Well, we’re almost there and we’ll post a message here when it’s available! And there’ll also be a super cool flash widget coming out shortly.

We’re really excited about the new site, and we hope that you like it and enjoy using it! And if you have any feedback or thoughts, then please do send them through.

The boxedup team