gifttagging reloaded!

For those of you keeping an occasional eye on the gifttagging blog you’ll know that there’s been a lack of blog activity recently (!), but that’s all about to change (and infact we’re using a new blog)! And current site users will probably have noticed the improvements that have been taking place in the last couple of weeks, meaning that the site is now faster and works better.

‘What’s going on?’, we hear you say! Well after a bit of a lull in things being done to the site we’ve now got new-found momentum, and are going to be really pushing forwards with making the site the essential tool for everybody in the world to keep track of, and get, the things that they want, to share their lists with people who want to get them stuff, and to come together to find interesting and cool stuff that other members of the gifttagging community have discovered.

And there’s more! We’ve got a new member of the team, and co-owner, onboard who’s going to be pushing the site forwards with us – Chris Osborne. Chris has got the same passion for creating a tool that will ensure that everybody gets what it is that they want, and has fun in the process. So it’s great to have him here.

We’ve got lots of plans as we hit this new phase. And we obviously want to hear from all of you too! So if you’ve got any comments, thoughts, or suggestions, or anything else that you want to share, then we’re waiting to hear from you! You can email us at letterbox [at], or you can email me at jeremy [at] and Chris at chris [at]

Thanks to everybody who’s been with us on the journey so far – we hope that you’re finding the site useful and fun to use, and we’re looking forward to being with you on the next stage of the journey.

And please spread the gifttagging word!